El Taco Charro formerly known as Tacos El Charro relocated to 940 East Dominquez Street in April of 2010 due to the redevelopment of the building in which we proudly served the city of Carson for over 20 years. In our new location we provide a pleasant, newly remodeled and friendly sit-down area. Our customers are able to enjoy the Mexican d├ęcor in an area that is comfortable and allows for leisurely eating.

Our business is unique to the area due to our family atmosphere and our authentic food! Mexico is such a large country; Mexican food is diverse, and Mexican recipes vary from region to region. Thanks to differences in climate, ethnicities and the fact that the Spanish influence had varying degrees of success throughout Mexico, a Mexican recipe in one part of the country may be completely different from one in another part.

The unique flavor of our cuisine comes from Guadalajara a city in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Although dishes vary from region to region, a few things are constant in our food; one is the prevalence of a few distinct spices, most notably oregano, cumin and chili powder. One example, in the state of Jalisco, is tortas ahogadas, a sandwich covered in a tasty red (hot!) sauce one of our specialties also Menudo (thick, hominy-based soup with hunks of pork, tomato and cilantro) bring lots of loyal customers.

We incorporate our unique and secret touches to every dish prepared in our kitchen never leaving behind the season of the state Jalisco. There isn't another authentic Mexican food restaurant within at least a one mile radius.

At El Taco Charro we are a family owned and operated business that has established a large and loyal clientele.

Thank you for your continued patronage;
We look forward to serving YOU for many years to come!